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Young lost traditional brew bitter youth Germany still fear the sophistication of Italy

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Germany is not in Italy

When Germany in the semifinals against Italy,<a href=””>wholesale nba jerseys</a> ” history of tears of blood” immediately reappear in German fans in mind: Germany has never been in the competition to win the Italy! From the two teams battle history,7wins and 9 draws in15 negative Germany is absolutely ahull, more importantly, they win all be of no great importance friendship match. The world cup in Germany, Italy ‘s record of 2draws and 3 defeats, before the European Cup, <a href=””>cheap mlb jerseys china</a> two games have ended in a draw. Italy is seen as a German nemesis, had been none, so far, only 9 teams in the competition had not lost to Germany, Italy, is the only has been repeatedly with the German battle and unbeaten team. Despite the current teams, not only on the strength of the state, in the psychology, the German team and fell leeward.

This is a bit like the Chinese team” koreaphobia”, is not to say, Germany and Italy between the great strength of the gap, but in a row over the case, in the subconscious, there was much fear. The German team may not admit it, the current European Cup, the way they stride forward singing militant songs, showing excellent form. Semi final, the German team is the only team unbeaten team, to create a more formal match15 winning streaks the world record. In history, the German team competition experience more impressive: they have17time to participate in competition semi-final, won 11 times,6 times in the European Cup semi-final, losing only once.

Cruel is on Italy history, it is also the continuation of competition. After just 20 minutes thirty-sixth minutes early era, Balotelli was a critical hit, the German team finally for defence loopholes paid the price. This is also the young price, and the European Cup in the young team, the average is 3 years elder half of Italy is much more sophisticated!

Must be in90 minutes to solve the battle

In fact, this game is not conducive to Italy. They are less than the German team two days of rest, but also on the half hour overtime. This requires, Italy must struggle to resolve within 90 minutes of battle, once forced into extra-time, their confidence first to beat. This point in the game, Buffon has been verified. Despite the victory over Germany, went to the finals, but there is no joy on the face of Buffon. In contrast, when the team actively embrace him to celebrate, two times successively, he was away. Irascible arises from the forward line for the waste, Buffon says frankly, he is very clear, if into overtime, Italy will be the German team beaten sieve.

Thanks to Balotelli. Not every striker, can hold him that opportunity. Of course, this is also to blame the German defense, they gave Balotelli the opportunity to. And the past compared to Germany, now the German team has changed a lot, began to walk technique route, the game was increasingly ornate. Prior to the 4game victory, is a successful example of. The problem is, they have yet to encounter real vicious opponent, for example of Italy. In a modification of Deli, Italy has also had the very big change. Their defense firm still, but fierce attack than in the past.

The opening phase of the German team stormed Italy, face reinforced concrete as defence but feel helpless. Carry over the three axes, Italy captured the German defence of the loopholes, deadly. Youth is always Ambilight, but want to become a real man, also need the experience of years of efforts.

Due to underestimation of the enemy hit out because of confusion

The German team’s opening looks good, if can score goals, it’s really good, but the reality is, the defense of Italy is very tight, Germany’s Blitzkrieg opponent abacus fell empty. In this case, if they can have some patience, his footing after searching for Italy’s vulnerability, is the positive solution. Unfortunately, the German team is too low the Italy team’s offensive ability. For them this quality of the team, the two goal was quite low. This is not to belittle Balotelli, he captures the opportunity ability is greatly, is the key, the world’s top teams should never leave this opportunity to rival. Knowing Balotelli’s ability, has not carried on the tight marking, it also reflects, in mature team before, the German team’s defense consciousness has much difference.

Fear of a penalty shootout, want to solve the battle, or more defensive is relatively poor, simply to attack generation keep? All of this, only Loew knows the answer. But one thing is certain, from global consideration, the German team guiding ideology errors. In a later, this young team Germany likewise failed to show the old generation of iron will. The second half was later, the German team lost due to cool, the team showed a confusion. More haste, less speed., the Italy team to the opportunity. Will not only hard work, without thinking of the hard work, but is brute courage.

The German team problem completely exposed, however, because of the young, some of them are improved, time correction. The 2014 World Cup, they will become an important force in the title.

” The Spanish team is undoubtedly the favourites, is a let you be hardly worthy of belief in the team. Group match and the final is not the same. We need to do is to let the player to go back to sleep, as far as possible to recover fully. I believe, the final will definitely is an open, wonderful game.” — Italy commander in chief Burang Deli.

Fatal error

The data do not always accurately reflect a game. Looking at the data, people will think of the German team defeated the Italy team, but the reality is just the opposite. Shooting times20:11, the shot is number 8:4, ball control rate of 56.1%:43.9%, in several key data, the German team occupies obvious advantage. Especially the shots on goal, Italy team is almost doubled. However, the Italy team attack is more efficient,11 attempts and scored two goals, which in the European Cup is also very efficient. Even the defense data, also failed to reflect the game situation, the German team steals21 times, more than team Italy3 times, but steals the success rate as high as85.7%, far exceeding the Italy team in the 66.7%. So what? Only one error, enough to give the opponent the opportunity to leave home. The German team lost because the defence, not to come back, it is the responsibility of the team.

Lose the jagged tradition

Referring to the German team, fans first thought must be iron discipline, iron will. Both the technical level which will change, come how many years, Germany has always been jagged pronoun. No matter how passive on the field the situation, no matter how strong the strength of opponent, the German team is always steady as a, never give up. In the 3FIFA World Cup champion in the process, and two times win a reversal, the German team spirit remarkable. However, in Italy and the semi-final, people very difficult to very deep experience to this point. The German team is not hard, also do not fight, but did not and will power than their forebears. This, in a continuous3 recent contest embodied in: good times, the German team strong, once in adversity, was wrong-footed, powerless.

The will of the recession, and a lack of spiritual leader is. The German team, many star players, Keluoze, Gomes, Rahm, Schweinsteiger, Mesut Ozil … … But just one team, one of them, like Pirlo’s in Italy, C Luo to Portugal? To be more accurate, the German team is now a star superstar. Many people can take charge as chief of, but who have little to regular jobs, soil fertility. In such a situation, the team in Germany do not see more on the history. Even if a grade, not spiritual leader, but the key, this time, the German team also lost to the Italy team. Key games, Balotelli scored two, early on the German team pushed to the edge of the cliff. This time, Gomes, what’s Keluoze doing?

While at the technical level, the German team also lost some of their original characteristics. As the European Cup average height after Croatia team, the German team in the mastery of airpower was not shown its advantage. The impact force, they are also less. Can say, at present the German team, still too young, not experience enough realm, you can easily control the overall situation.


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