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Your Own Date Bank

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Sick and tired of spending yet another night at home alone, all your mates are out with their girlfriends and there is nothing on the telly, you have decided to go out on a date. You’ve spent perhaps too long on the internet and you have managed to arrange to spend time with a gorgeous brunette who is a UK escort. The only problem is that now it has dawned on you that this is a woman who dates for a living. What on earth could you possibly do for the date that she will enjoy? Well, we have a few ideas to get you started. You don’t have to do any of these but it may help the juices start flowing in your own ‘date bank’


Firstly you have to decide whether you want the date in your flat or somewhere else. The UK escort you are dating is available for outcalls, so this leaves things wide open. If you want to get to know her in a private setting you could always do something crazy like tidy your flat and cook her a nice meal, you could even get her to help you with the preparation! A cooking date could be a great, fun way to get to know each other!


If having a relaxed, fun date sounds perfect to you then you could even do something like take her out on a Sunday afternoon for a little fun in the nearby park. Kite flying, Frisbee throwing, a little al fresco romance even, the choice is yours and your brunette UK escort will appreciate doing something nice and relaxed. You’ll just have to warn her about the dress code beforehand, she can’t run about in stilettos!


If you want somewhere where you can be in close proximity to each other but without feeling sleazy then what better activity than dancing? We don’t mean salsa, (unless of course you know how to salsa) but maybe a dance at a local nightclub or even jazz bar where the dim lighting and moodiness will be a great way to get closer to each other. Or if you’re really game and wanting to see her on a regular basis, how about signing up for dance classes together? You could have a great time with a UK escort, make some new friends AND learn something new all at once!


Of course there are always the traditional options as well, movies and a pint, dinner and a theatre show? Perhaps even a nice quiet soak in a hot tub at a local luxurious hotel where you can take turns giving each other a massage. No matter what you choose to do on your date you can be sure that your UK escort will enjoy it and so will you. The key things to remember are no matter how extravagant your date is she will always appreciate a polite gentleman with a nice smile and a great sense of humour over however much money you did or didn’t spend.


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