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Zeek Rewards Scam Review – Could It Be Definitely Too Good To Be Real?

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This is the organization which is receiving a large amount of awareness right now. There is lots of hoopla all over the world wide web however could it be accurate, is the business the real thing or are they accurate when they state Zeek Rewards Scam? I was contacted a few months ago by a friend whom I respect a lot regarding this business known as Zeek Rewards. He tried to inform me what the business was all about and I need to say, this thing sounded much too good to be real, nevertheless like I said this was from a friend who I admire, a friend who is a financial adviser, I believe in him. Nonetheless, even in business I have to do my very own research and so I spent the next a couple of months taking a look at this business inside and out. And this is what I discovered.

The Business – Is Zeek Rewards Scam Real?

Well, we must first take a close look at the company. Zeek Rewards is really not an organization instead the advertising and marketing arm of a business called Zeekler in which markets an online shopping service as well as an auction site where customers can buy merchandise for 60 – 99% off of list prices. Both Zeek Rewards and Zeekler are owned by the parent company that has been around for 15 years called Rex Venture Group LLC. The corporate head office are found in Lexington, North Carolina. The business pays its affiliates from the retail “Profit Pool” which is the company’s daily net profit from product sales. The organization puts into the pool 50% of the net daily profits each day. They then disperse them to all affiliates based on a point system attained to date by each affiliate.

It Just Takes 5 Minutes A Day – How Can Zeek Rewards Scam Not Be Accurate?

I’m sure this sounds nuts which is just what exactly I believed when my friend said to me, “all you need to do is take A few minutes per day and place a free ad marketing the corporation then you earn money from doing that”! It may sound much too easy. Therefore, I did a bit of reviewing and I spoke with several other people I know in the industry and I kept receiving the same answer, it truly is all you have to complete. You can earn more cash faster by revealing to other people regarding this program however, you don’t have to do that. In the event you don’t care to recruit other people, you don’t have to. A person can build a substantial business with time just by placing an advertisement, free of charge every single day.

Fine, Show Me The Money!!!

My greatest issue as is with a lot of Multi-level Marketing Companies I personally look at, where’s the dollars going to originate from to pay the associates? Is this just another “if you get at the begining you make money but if you get later, you don’t”? This really is absolutely nothing like that. Let’s consider the auction aspect of the business and let’s use the penny auction example. Let’s say the business offers a giant screen Television set that retails for $1000. The bidding for that TV begins at $0 then when an individual bids the purchase price rises a penny. Additionally when someone bids a clock goes to Something like 20 seconds and will start counting down to 0. Before it reaches Zero, a person will bid restarting the time and increasing the bid by just one penny. Now keep in mind every single bid costs $1 to bid. Let’s say the $1000 Television goes for $100. How many pennies is there in $100.. Yep, 10,000. Thus, 10,000 bids were done and if every single bid is $1, the corporation takes in $10,000 for the $1,000 Tv set. That is a net gain of $9,000 of which the company gives fifty percent back to the affiliate marketers, $4,500. With online auctions happening 24-7 the company brings in a substantial amount of dollars day to day and it is expanding.

As long as individuals are ready to bid on goods hoping to get them for a tiny fraction of the list price, this company will simply expand over time. Like I said previously the company has been in existence for Many years and is also debt free.

So, If Zeek Rewards Scam Just Isn’t True, Are There Alternative Ways To Generate Income?

The company offers an incredibly rewarding compensation plan and utilizes a 2X5 Forced Matrix. Having a forced matrix, you could get affiliates placed directly under you from your up-line. Additionally they pay on compressed levels which means that they don’t count the non-active members inside your matrix. The corporation also makes it possible for top rated affiliates to participate in a Profit Sharing Pool. Over-all, the compensation package is fairly strong and can be limitless to the right individual ready to put some extra hard work into building their enterprise.

You will find 6 different ways, the matrix I discussed above plus Zap commissions, your own retail store, the retail profit pool, retail membership profits and the shopping Daisy which is an application which enables shoppers find the lowest possible price on almost anything they are shopping for on the internet. It is extremely awesome and incredibly powerful.

Is Zeek Rewards Scam True or Is This An Awesome Opportunity?

I have been in the Network Marketing Business for a very long time. I have seen many organisations come and go, several we have been a part of. You learn over time what to look for and what to steer clear of. Initially when I first heard about Zeek Rewards I thought this is some of those hear today and gone tomorrow until I found out the parent company is an outstanding Fifteen year old business that is expanding very quickly. That’s a huge plus in my book.

I also know of many important leaders in our business who are today an integral part of this business and whom I have profound respect for. They will not enter into anything at all short of rock solid, which is also very important for me. The main thing, Zeek Rewards is a very remarkable and unique opportunity. I see tremendous potential for anybody who really wants to develop their very own company along with a little hard work can create something larger than they ever imagined. I was so impressed with the homework I found that I have become part of this organization. My team, which i’ve assembled over the years with many other businesses, are equally enthusiastic and joining Zeek Rewards as well. I’m very delighted to be a part of this company.

Zeek Rewards is a great company for individuals who are looking for a company that is strong, growing and easy to build upon. For more information on this subject visit Zeek Rewards Inside.

For additional resources about Zeek Rewards here pre-recorded webinar called You Get Paid To Advertise a that will give you details about this opportunity.


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