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Zhang Jia told reporters that the past 10 years

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Zhang Jia told reporters that the past 10 years, the Graduate Master opened by the Wuhan University in Langfang City, Hebei Province, Langfang classes exist a large number of trainees false situation, “postgraduate classes, students get a degree is true, but these students entry qualifications learning experience, course exam, professional achievements, essay writing, especially the two unified national examination for certification, all forged. “under the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the provisions on the award of the graduate school equivalent staff for master or doctoral applicants Master degree applicants must obtain a bachelor’s degree, and to make achievements in the professional field to apply for graduate work for more than three years after the bachelor’s degree. Wholesale hats – baseball caps, adjustable hats, snapbacks, brand hats, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB cap online. Zhang Jia Report, the Langfang Master of a large number of students forged degree certificates and diplomas, admission requirements fraud, to obtain a master’s degree buywholesalehats. Zhang Jia reflect fraudulently obtained a master’s degree graduate equivalent staff master’s degree and college teachers degree. She said that some fraud was incredible. Some people graduating from high school that year, has been to obtain a bachelor’s degree and diploma, and began a master’s thesis, some people did not work in colleges and universities to successfully declared a master’s degree in university teachers. Reporter survey found that the Wuhan University of Technology since 1996, signed a cooperation agreement with China Enterprise News, Langfang workstation, the creation of the classes of Wuhan University of Langfang, Langfang the workstation revoked by China Enterprise News, Wuhan University Institute of Applied Economic and Langfang City, signed a cooperation agreement continue to set up a the Langfang class of Wuhan University. Wuhan University of Economics, Vice President Wang Shu Li told this reporter, the equivalent master’s degree, college teachers in a master’s degree and MPA the Langfang class teaching tasks. High school students forged undergraduate academic degree Everything seemed to be swept under the carpet. However, an equivalent Master of Industrial Economics, Wuhan University of publicity professionals information table, has inadvertently leaked the “secret”. The table shows that on December 30, 2006, Langfang, Hebei Ji student Li Jing received a master’s degree certificate number issued by the Wuhan University of T1049732007000005. The table also shows, Li Jing graduated from the Beijing Materials Institute on July 1, 2002, and to obtain a bachelor’s degree certificate, a master’s thesis in August 2002, the paper entitled “Petroleum pipeline Langfang Branch target cost control its work in Langfang City, Hebei Province, Post Office. “The student information is certainly no problem, otherwise we are not pass the qualification examination and granting a master’s degree.” Wang Shu Li said. Reporter survey found that is precisely the so-called “no problem” a problem buy wholesale hats. “Jing Ulrich, 2002, graduated from high school, how might work, but also received a bachelor’s degree? Her 2002 entrance examination to enter school in Hebei University of Technology.” Insider Zhang Jia told reporters. Subsequently, the reporter went to the investigation of Hebei University of Technology, Hebei University Senate enrollment system queries, Jing does the college entrance examination in 2002, Hebei University, City College of Liberal Arts and Law school entrance examination to enter the total score of 501 points, incorporated into a full-time Law C021 class Candidate of Legal professional, graduating on July 1, 2006, and obtain a law degree. The reporter then asked the Hebei University of Technology Academic Affairs teacher, and whether there may be a student there are two enrollment information inquiries, Li made it clear that: “This can not be students of the school entrance examination can not have two schools at the same time admitted. Turning to the work of Li Jing, Hebei University of Technology Academic Affairs teachers find it laughable: “full-time undergraduates can read a full-time work Polo Woolen Cap?” At the same time, the equivalent master’s degree in Wuhan University of publicity for the list display, graduated from Hebei University of Technology, respectively, there are Li Jiuzhou (June 1, 2003 to obtain a bachelor degree), Zhang (July 1, 1991 to obtain a bachelor degree), and how research Hui (July 1, 2004 bachelor’s degree in military science) and three students. Reporters on the information of the three students once again to the Hebei University of Technology Office of Academic Affairs query Senate student information shows, full-time school entrance examination specialist, Undergraduate, Undergraduate All three students enrolled student information Red Bull Baseball Cap. As recommended by the Hebei University Campus Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for Li, the reporter went to Hebei University School of Continuing Education three students For more information, Continuing Education Registry information display, remote education, adult education, self-examination are not above student information. Continuing Education Associate Dean Wang Xiaodong, said: “To be sure, they are not the Hebei University of Technology students.” This means, Wuhan University, a master’s degree three students, they forged the graduation of the Hebei University of Technology, and forged the certificate of Hebei University of Technology bachelor’s degree. According to the reporter, Li Jiuzhou actually graduated in 2002 high school, then studied at the Wuhan University of Technology e-commerce professional, not graduated from Hebei University of Technology. For this, Wuhan University School of Economics, Wang Shu Li, vice president, said: “Li Jiuzhou is certainly graduated from Hebei University of Technology, has been reported over his problems, we investigated Red Bull Peaked Cap, Hebei University issued an official seals the proof. ” Wang Shu wrote in receipt of proof of student status issued by the Hebei University of Technology, they have no further investigation. The reporter asked why the query did not go to the website of the Ministry of Education? Wang Shu Li replied: “are 211 engineering colleges, other universities, we are not to question each other this proof, did not go check.” According to Wang Shu Li introduced, Li Jiuzhou Department of Hebei Industrial University Langfang Campus Vice Chancellor Li Jing Yuan’s son, while Li Jing Yuan is the Chinese enterprises reported Langfang workstation, the former responsible person, is also Langfang City, application of economic learn to be responsible for people, but these two units also precisely successively with Wuhan The University signed a sponsoring unit of the cooperation agreement.


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