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Ministry of Education introduced the school entrance examination Evaluation requirement for candidates respondents to state techniques
(Reporter Zhou Yimei) Yesterday, the Ministry of Education declared the 2012 College Entrance Assessment Assessment regulations. And Assessment laws promulgated in 2009, have already been significantly on the confidentiality level adjustment, rating rules, the respondents are included inside a magic formula national-level challenges administration. The provisions from the Louis Vuitton Purses past is really a national examination queries (such as sub-themes) until the unsealing and use from the national confidential issues, answers and rating references before the finish from the assessment through the top-secret national-level challenges administration “. New specifications to become adjusted: nationwide assessment queries (which includes the response sheet together with the concerns the content of sub-themes) before the unsealing of a nationwide major secret material, unsealed after use are state secrets grade material; answers and rating references just before the finish with the examination top-secret national-level difficulties management, the response and rating rating reference within the reference state solution degree matters ultimately of the examination. “In addition, a lot more content has also been a privilege level:” solution sheet (card) ahead of the benefits happen to be disposed by the state strategies level issues management, scoring rules formulated from the many disciplines in marking state secrets-level challenges administration. “in accordance using the needs, the NEEA concerns, solutions and score reference proofs through confidential channels sent towards the provincial-level entrance evaluation bodies . At the provincial degree entrance examination agencies to designate a person to obtain and issue receipts. Before the opening in the questions, solutions and scoring reference in type shall be deposited within the qualified acceptance through the provincial security division papers confidential space. The papers printed, delivery and custody of the appropriate documents has to be strictly enforced. All classified make any difference, we must use encryption liaison.


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